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APART-to be separated ex: I have a headache, so I'm going to lie down for a while. Flour is a noun that refers to a popular baking supply used in recipes for foods such as breads and cakes: The pit bull, in contrast, is much smaller and has a Commonly confused words friendlier, more family-oriented temperament.

I am going two, to, too Commonly confused words show. She threw away his love letters. Garner is a verb that means Commonly confused words collect or gather: Alternate is a verb that means to rotate in succession or in turns: Aural is an adjective that Commonly confused words heard by the ear: If you don't breathe, then you are dead.

V vacuum - You just have to remember to spell this word with two Us, unlike "volume. He lays his hand on my shoulder. ITS-of or belonging to it ex: John is the man who can get the job done. While awaiting trial, he was never set loose from jail because no one would post his bail.

WHO-used as a subject or as a subject complement see above ex: Who was the past president of Microsquish Computers. It's the past-participle form of the verb "to pass" meaning "to give" or "to move" or, in games, "to decline one's turn.

WHO-used as a subject or as a subject complement see above ex: We were all together at the family reunion last spring. The pit bull is also much smaller, with very different physical features. To find the meanings of Greek and Latin roots: Gauge is a noun that refers to something that is used to measure: The turkey was already burned when the guests arrived.

Which section of history did you get into. In the index above, click on the first letter of the root you seek. Their house is at the end of the block. The Senate was in session at the capital, capitol today.

We're thru for the day. Hear is a verb that refers to the sense that allows us to listen to our surroundings: You place the accent on the first syllable say "DEH-zert".

NOVEL-noun, a book that is a work of fiction. In general, the components used in constructing scientific terminology and med terms are either of Latin or Greek derivation. LEAD-noun, a type of metal ex: An angel is a spiritual being found in Heaven: The eminent podiatrist won the Physician of the Year award.

Segue or Segway?

Only two students did not turn in the assignment. I like all accept, except the blue one.

Commonly Confused Prepositions

When is our plane supposed to arrive. The town lay at the foot of the mountain. 31 commonly confused words to watch out for. Let’s be honest: English can be a really confusing language. There are pairs upon pairs of words that seem specially designed to torment – sometimes differing by just a single letter – it’s not just language learners who have to be wary but also native speakers of English.

Words Commonly Confused. by V. Bell, J. Cheney, P. J.

Commonly Confused Words Worksheet

King & M. P. Moore Click on the words that you would like to study. Words Commonly Confused. by V.

Spelling : Confusing Words: Accept/Except, Affect/Effect Quiz

Bell, J. Cheney, P. J. King & M. P. Moore Click on the words that you would like to study. Nov 15,  · There are a lot of words in English that look or sound alike but have very different meanings, such as pore and pour or flaunt and flout.

He wore his winter pants because it was snowing. Schools were closed because of the cold temperature. It was snowing. For this reason, the schools were closed.

He was biking in his shorts though it was snowing.

Commonly Confused Words Worksheets

The schools were open in spite of the cold temperature. It was snowing. Nevertheless, the schools were open. Other words may not sound alike or look alike, but they are close enough in meaning that people often get them confused.

Below, we have compiled a list of commonly confused words and troublesome expressions to help you sort out these tricky terms.

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Commonly Confused Words