Academic writing word list with definitions

Based on its proven contents, examword. Keep it simple Write with simple grammatical structures rather than complicated ones. A play upon words of the same sound but of different meanings or upon different meanings of the same word: Tell why knowing the history of a word, or the variety of definitions can help us understand the word better.

This list initially is for students of USA elementary school. The reader can easily remember what was said about A by the time he or she gets around to B.

Academic Word List - General Terms

For the exercises, the word families for each sub-list have been further divided into six groups for ease of study, with three separate gap-fill exercises for each group.

If additional clarification is needed to separate a term from other words with a similar meaning, then Usage notes can be added.

Transitional Words and Phrases

Citing sources Why use quotations, paraphrases, and summaries. Thinking and writing that includes personal feelings, attitudes, and opinions. Say them out loud and use them at every opportunity to move them into your active set.

As teachers, we have a responsibility to help our students to be successful now, but also to help them to stay successful in the future. A word, phrase, or clause that limits, alters, or describes another word or group of words.

Trace the different definitions you've gotten from your sources and talk about how culture, age, race or gender affected the way people defined the word.

Jovell Alingod is a Project Manager for eReflect — maker of Ultimate Vocabularya software for vocabulary improvement with tens of thousands of happy customers in over countries. A statement of the purpose, intent, or main idea of an essay. Try to find a self-paced course that uses assignments and quizzes to hep you increase fluency and brush up on your writing skills.

Here are 25 ways you can improve your writing vocabulary every day. The technical language of a particular group that is inappropriate in most formal writing since it is frequently not understandable by those outside the group.

Within a paragraph, there are three major ways to develop coherence through related sentences: Do the topic sentences present the argument clearly.

47 phrasal verbs and their one-word substitutions

Quotations, paraphrases, and summaries serve many purposes: The specific reason a person has for writing; the goal of writing, for example, to inform, entertain, or persuade. This corpus is comprised of academic journals and non-fiction, student essays, and academic discourse.

It should accomplish the following: In fact, it isn't simply an ebook. Place the hash at the leftmost position on the line, with no spaces or tabs prior to the hash. Academic Word List Sublists 1 - 10 Sublist 1 of the Academic Word List analyse analysed analyser definitions redefine redefined redefines redefining undefined derive derivation derivations Sublist 5 of the Academic Word List academy academia academic academically academics academies adjust adjusted adjusting adjustment.

Structure of academic writing

The IELTS test AWL(Academic Word List) was rooted from a popular webpage of HONG KONG Univ. It was re-organized with new definitions and examples. In addition original Chinese explanation, more local language explanations are appended to help ESL people.

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12 synonyms of academic from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 37 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for academic. of or relating to schooling or learning especially at an advanced level Synonyms: educational, intellectual, scholarly.

Introduction to the New Academic Word List The first version of the New Academic Word List (NAWL ) is finished and available at the following links. The list is available in alphabetical order, with inflected forms, and with Standard Frequency Indices (Carroll, Davies, & Richman, ; Carroll, ).

The Academic Word List (AWL) consists of word families that occur reasonably frequently over a wide range of academic texts.

The list was developed and evaluated by Averil Coxhead for her MA thesis (Coxhead, ). academic definition: 1. relating to schools, colleges, and universities, or connected with studying and thinking, not with practical skills: 2. used to describe someone who is clever and enjoys studying: 3.

based on ideas and theories and not related to practical effects in real life. Learn more.

Academic writing word list with definitions
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Definition of Academic Writing